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"In the right sized space it offers a level of refinement and coherency that should be applauded for the asking price. All in all I heartily recommend the Opulus Primas, they sound great for such a small speaker, have surprising low, fast and tuneful bass."

Stuart Smith - Hifi Pig Sept 2014

"These speakers are so clear and precise they put many speakers at least twice the price to shame. They tick all the boxes for me."

Janine Elliot - Hifi Pig Oct 2014
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"The Zero's offer fabulously pure treble, clearly better than that from a dome tweeter. Add a big, bold sound from the large bass unit and you come up with a unique loudspeaker. There are precious few loudspeakers around with such gorgeous treble at the low price of the Zero's nor are there any that offer such concise rainbow imaging. Superb ribbon treble and full bass, at a great price. Superb."

Noel Keywood - HiFi World Oct 2014
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"The Opulus were lovely with all forms of music and it is quite obvious that they have been honed over a long period to produce a polished sound that is nothing other than pure class. You will not hear anything like them elsewhere I believe at any price, they are sufficiently unique."

Noel Keywood - HiFi World Feb 2009
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"Spinning Nigel Kennedy playing Vivaldi's 'Spring' from 'The four seasons' saw the Regis ascend to a realm inhabited by few modern loudspeakers, courtesy of it's ribbon drive unit. It's insight into Nigel's violin were peerless.

The lack of fizz, sizzle and other roughening effects was remarkable; the ribbon was utter class here and streets ahead of other loudspeakers.

With both violin and orchestra the Regis romped away from most other loudspeakers, sounding sweet as a nut, natural in balance and very engaging in delivery."

Noel Keywood - HiFi World June 2011
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"The British-made Chronos on-wall speakers are a revelation. Intended for use in both a stereo pair and in a multichannel setup, they boast extraordinary spatial imaging and have the presence of enclosures a magnitude deeper. They’re also able to blend chameleon like into their surroundings, as finishes can be tailored to fit. You can order bespoke grilles in a multitude of colours, or even painted. A gilt frame (pictured) is an option – alternatively you can go classic black."

Steve May - Home Cinema Choice 2014
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"From their agreeable dimensions to their fabulous sonic imaging, Robson Acoustics' Chronos are real thrillers. The ribbon tweeters (pictured above) sound crisp and precise, with unfeasibly smooth bass drivers providing expansive support. It's not always possible to specify audiophile grade loudspeakers as part of an AV CI install, because the form factor typically doesn't fit; the Chronos, however, break the mould. These loudspeakers offer a no compromise performance that doesn't place a tax on space. Factor in the sheer variety of finishes and bespoke options offered by the manufacturer, and you have a very unique proposition. Robson Acoustics Chronos speakers come highly recommended."

Steve May - Inside CI May 2014
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"The effects on both pairs of speakers was dramatic. The bass seemed to suddenly gain new levels of depth, clarity and tunefulness. It was more prcise in it's form and shape. Treble seemed smoother, more detailed and to reach higher, while midrange opened up to reveal previously masked colours and textures in the music."

HiFi World - April 2012
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"These stands are something of a tour de force, an object lesson when it comes to effective audio engineering."

Roy Gregory - The Audio Beat
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